Train With Bob

November 2nd, 2017

Individualized training on all aspects of the digital image process. Specializing in…
Lightroom / Photoshop / Digital Color Management / Photo Database
your topics, your files… your Computer!

On-Line Training:  (“personal and group” training)
     o discounted hourly rate for recent workshop attendees
     o discounted “multi-hour” Prepaid packages
     o many white-papers, documents and downloads to extend training experience

Training Packages:
  – Optimizing the Lightroom Workflow [est. 5 hrs]
     …from file organization to Creative: “Best Practices”
– Processing the Digital Images… the 4-Phases  [est. 10 hrs]
      1. Import 2. Global 3. Selective 4. Expressive
     …from camera capture to non-destruction editing, software independent… achieve your Artistic Vision
  – Managing Your Lightroom Photo Filing System: [est. 3 hrs]
     …Organize Folders & Files; set LR Prefs; Optimized LR System files

  – A Practical Strategy for Backing-up Your Digital Photos [est. 3 hrs]
     …easy 1-button smart backup of your photo files

Email Bob for Questions and to Schedule a session time!

Note:  –  “Pre-paid Sessions”billed in 15 minute blocks (30 minute minimum)
–  Schedule at least 24 hours prior to session. (“On-Demand-Sessions” subject to 1 hour surcharge)
–  “Pre-paid Hours” need to be used within 6 months of purchase

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