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Connect to Bob D’s Computer via for Training and Interactive Web Class
  You can join from your PC, SmartPhone or Tablet with the Join.Me app 

o  If you already have installed
     o  a headset with a microphone is preferred: Two good reasons
                > Our meeting audio will go throughout your room and may disturb others nearby you.
     o   Also, when signing in, please enter your name so I can identify you

JM Audio

  o  It is a good idea to check your Audio before session starts

   o  After connecting to the internet:
        a) Click on “Audio setting” to open this box, then
               > talk into microphone and watch bar indicate volume… adjust at least to 2/3
               > Click “orange circle with triangle”
                              – this will send a ring tone for you to adjust speaker volume

               > Close Connect box click on orange “X”

   o  Then icon down the window to show all of screen 




o  If you Do Not have installed

  1.  [Click Here] to download the app for [Mac]  [Win]  [iPad]   [Android]
  2. Once installed, started  and follow Steps above

Still Need Help?
–  Send me an email with your phone number and I will call you at the scheduled meeting time
–  If you have any questions once we connected, use chat window or email me

o  What is Something Happens While in the Conference
… If you lose the screen, click on the IconJM Audio  in the bottom Task Bar (Win) / Dock (Mac)
… If my screen is small, click on the large middle circle on top (zoom tool) and select “full screen”


Connect to Bob D’s Computer via for Webinar

  • (Instructions to come)
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