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Auto-all, “Hand-Held” Panorama #2

Yet another 7 section “Auto-all, Hand-Held” panorama!  Here is a view of Sebasco Harbor Resort with Harbor Island in the background photographed from Mount Merritt, Phippsburg, Maine.

(Click photo to enlarge)

I used a Workflow similar to that mentioned in my previous “hand-held-auto” panorama post. [Click Here] to see that post.

Pano Workflow:
1. Shot 7 segments for panorama overlapping each about 33%
2. Camera Settings: “auto-exposure” to hold as much detail in the camera raw exposure
2.   Adjusted each segments for optimum detail using Lightroom
3.   Opened in PS, via LR, and “photomerged” pano in “Reposition” mode
a.   Used “Content Aware Fill”  to “finish off” sky and trees
b.   Saved and returned to LR
4.   Fine tuned in LR for photographer’s expression

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  2. Hank
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