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Integrating Lightroom & Photoshop

I finished viewing George Jardine’s new tutorials on “Lightroom + Photoshop Integration”.  There are 7 videos – the 1st one is free if you leave your email address.

A wonderful, wonderful series… the depth and shaping of the information covered in this set of tutorials is amazing. This is not a basic set of videos tutorials. It is a total “Around the World” Lightroom/Photoshop/Lightroom workflow with many advanced concepts wonderfully explained.

A.  Very sophisticated set of tutorials… not for newbies – nor, the weak at heart!
B.   Some Lightroom Concepts: advanced adjustment brush; lens correction; applying adjustments to an edited to file; re-adjusting TIF file with LR
C.   Some Photoshop Concepts: masking; adjustment layers; clone tool; adding text; etc.
D.   If you can keep up with George’s thought path, you will find not only an affirmation of your LR/PS knowledge but at the end there will be an unexpected gift of solid understanding tied with a nice “George Jardine bow”.
E.   Video #2 segment on “Lens Correction”, WOW!  If you want to see the innards of “Lens Correction”… this is it!

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    September 13th, 2011 at 14:42 | #1


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